Building Your Survival Arsenal and Growing Your Skill Set

Apr 28, 2023 | Check List, Guns & Ammo, Survival Skills, Uncategorized

When taking care of the “what ifs of life,” it’s important to have the basics covered, and having the necessary items stored up is essential, but what’s even more important is having a skill set that allows you to create or make the things you need in an emergency because, in a crisis, you may not be in your home or the home is destroyed. All of the things you stored up are gone.

That’s why spending time learning skills and trades is crucial rather than just buying all the necessary items. With the ability to make or create some of the things you need out of just everyday items you might find, you’ll be better equipped to handle any situation that arises.

And let’s face it. If there’s an all-out, end-of-the-world type emergency, you’ll be hard-pressed to stay in your house. Unless you live back in the hills someplace where you’re on your own acreage and can defend yourself, nobody will get what you have. Then you might be a lot better off than most.

But if you’re somebody living in an urban area, it’s more vital for you to hone your skill set and know how to do certain things instead of having all those items on hand. In other words, spend your time, effort, and energy learning skills and trades. This way, you’ll be better prepared for any emergency that comes your way.

Take a listen as John and his guest, Mark, from the website called One Day Closer, go over Best Survival Gun & Accessories, Building Your Skill Set, and Where to Buy. Make sure to check out Mark’s Readiness/Prepper Score worksheet.