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Apr 20, 2024 | Big Tech,, Sean Tario, Uncategorized

John and his guest, Sean Patrick Tario, founder of, dove into digital privacy and freedom and revealed several critical issues surrounding major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple. They highlighted their frequent legal battles related to data privacy violations. Although Apple is slightly better, it still faces criticism. 

U.S. lawmakers’ Lack of Understanding

John and Sean critiqued U.S. lawmakers’ lack of understanding of technology and how it relates to our digital privacy and freedom. As the ongoing debates about digital monopolies and data control have exemplified, it ties into the potential for a digital ID system that could centralize and control online activity. This scenario raises concerns about privacy and the broader implications for freedom, suggesting a future where online access could be restricted based on the user’s behavior and comments.

Financial Influences in Politics

Surviving in an Offline WorldAdditionally, the discussion touched on financial influences in politics, with a critical view of how monetary motivations may skew public policy, governance, and broader societal issues. As Sean stated, There’s a lot of talking heads. It’s just becoming so obvious these days, who’s controlled by money and who’s controlled by principle.” 

Protect Your Digital Privacy & Freedom

To help protect your digital privacy and freedom, focuses on “ghost phones” and “ghost laptops,” which are equipped with open-source, secure, and private operating systems. Specifically, the laptops run Linux, which is known for its user-friendliness and no longer requires coding skills to operate.


The Ease of Linux

Most users, familiar with basic computer operations such as browsing and managing files, would find little difference in using a Linux system compared to other operating systems. Linux offers enhanced security features that are more user-friendly and less invasive than those on Windows or macOS systems. These mainstream operating systems may allow companies and governments backdoor access to devices, undermining the privacy measures users might employ, such as encryption.


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