Unpacking Emergency Medical Readiness with Jase Medical

Apr 26, 2024 |  Jase Medical, Medicine, Shawn Roland, M.D., Uncategorized

In this noteworthy episode of Ready Radio, host John Rush welcomed Shawn Rowland, the Founder and CEO of Jase Medical, to discuss a crucial facet of disaster preparedness: medical readiness. Jase Medical is pioneering this field with the Jase Case, a comprehensive kit containing over 28 essential medications, such as antibiotics, anti-malaria medications, EpiPens, and more, aimed at providing peace of mind regarding health and safety. By leveraging the benefits of telemedicine, Jase Medical serves a wide array of patients, including many underserved populations, ensuring broad and inclusive access to crucial medical supplies.

During their discussion, Shawn emphasized Jase Medical’s mission to bolster global medical preparedness. He explained the growing necessity of having access to vital prescriptions before pharmacies experience shortages or disasters that impede healthcare access. The conversation shed light on the evolving perception of preparedness—once considered a niche or extreme measure, now recognized as a mainstream and essential practice across all demographics and situations, from pandemics to supply chain interruptions.

Reflecting on recent global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and persistent manufacturing issues, John and Shawn highlighted the vulnerabilities in our supply chain that impact everyone, irrespective of political beliefs. This eye-opening conversation encourages us to think proactively and prepare for the unpredictable.

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Shawn Roland, Founder and CEO of Jase Medical,received his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and completed his family medicine residency training at Memorial Medical Center in New Mexico, where he gained additional experience in border health. He is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. 

While undergoing medical training in Mexico and the United States, he experienced firsthand the difficulty of obtaining life-saving medications during a natural disaster as well as due to supply and manufacturing issues. While working in his private practice as a primary care physician, the Covid-19 pandemic made the immediate need for a service like Jase Medical apparent. 

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