How You’re the Product of Big Tech

Dec 9, 2023 | Big Tech, EXPOs, Internet, Privacy, Sean Tario

How many of us have said something near our phones and within 24 or 48 hours have seen an advertisement for it? Can you see the hand raises?

We all know that these things are listening to our conversations all day and every day. But what is needed is an understanding of the technology, the operating systems, and how important that is. The key thing to understand about these devices is that Google or Apple owns that operating system or Microsoft if you’ve got a Windows laptop. They essentially own that device because it’s their operating system. Devices with those operating systems are leased devices. That’s all you’re doing: renting a device. It’s through the device rental that we become the product. They’re making money from you because they’re mining your data.

Sean Tario from joined John on this episode of Ready-Radio and shared a vast amount of knowledge and resources to help you regain your power from Big Tech. Check out the Resources and the podcast below. 


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Boycott Big Tech: Alternatives & Resources

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