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Is Preparedness Becoming Mainstream Ahead of 2024 Elections?

Jan 5, 2024 | Internet, National Security, Natural Disasters, Survival Skills, Uncategorized

In this captivating episode of Ready-Radio, host John Rush is joined by the insightful Luke Cashman. They dove into a topic that’s gaining momentum across the nation: preparedness.  The upcoming 2024 election seems to be the driving force for the momentum, and it’s from both sides of the aisle.

John and Luke also gave an intriguing analysis of Bret Cooper’s (known from the Daily Signal) video on preparedness and dissected the new Obama Netflix Movie, “Leave the World Behind.” They picked apart the psychological and societal undertones and the different perspectives contained in this film.

Take a listen to this episode of Ready-Radio and discover why preparedness is becoming a mainstream concern and how it’s evolving in today’s society. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening discussion that’s sure to leave you thinking differently about the world around you.


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