Natural Storage Systems on Living without Refrigeration

Oct 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Believe it or not, it is possible to live without refrigeration. Long before the advent of home coolers and freezers, the problems of food storage and preservation had been solved, but this invaluable knowledge has been largely forgotten by our modern “quick and easy” society. Food processing and packaging industry veteran Gary Growden tells us how to preserve food without refrigeration to save money and have delicious produce all year. 

In this Interview: 5 clever time-tested ways to preserve food without refrigeration 

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It’s a problem that every society, from the dawn of humanity, has faced: How to save food for figurative rainy days — away from microbes, insects, and other critters eager to spoil it. Over the years, archaeologists have found evidence for a variety of techniques. Some, like drying and fermenting, remain common today. Others are bygone practices, such as burying butter in peat bogs. Though low-tech, the ancient ways were effective — clearly, as some of the products have survived millennia. 

Food storage expert Gary Growden is here to bring us some clever techniques that our great-great grandparents used to keep their food edible and nutritious in a world before the advent of electricity.  

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