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Power Outage Survival Tips & Generators

Feb 16, 2024 | Portable Generators, Survival Skills, Uncategorized

Recently, in the past twelve months, there have been situations across the country where people have been without power for a week or more because of a storm, tornado, flood, or blizzard, so in this episode of Ready Radio, John delved into the critical topic of generators and solar energy, how to choose what is right for your needs, and the importance of doing your research to make an informed decision about backup power solutions.

The topics of unconventional indoor cooking, different ways to start a fire, minimizing your electrical usage, plus enemies in the US, Soros buying radio stations, and our own government. Take a listen to this episode of Ready Radio and get ready for the “What-Ifs of Life.”


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“I don’t consider us a quote-unquote “prepper show.” I consider us a show to handle the “what-ifs” of life. And that could be everything from, yes, a global disaster or a simple bike crash, a car accident, or you fall on the ice. I mean, there are all sorts of things that come along that create a crisis, and I want to give people a way to prevent those and or handle them when they come along.” – John Rush

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