Unveiling the Reality of Our Power Grid: A Lineman’s Insight

Oct 6, 2023 | Electrical Grid, EMP, Uncategorized

While on vacation, John met a young lineman from Ohio who provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by those maintaining our nation’s power grid. This lineman is responsible for daily upkeep and revealed a sobering truth about the state of our power infrastructure.

He described the situation as akin to patching up an old car with duct tape daily. The lineman underscored the constant struggle to ensure a consistent power supply, especially during adverse weather conditions. He expressed concerns about the inadequacy of our present infrastructure to support the growing demand, emphasizing the difficulty in keeping the lights on routinely, let alone meeting the demands of an increasing load, such as the push for electric vehicles (EVs).

One of the linemen’s noteworthy points was the revelation of being understaffed, with a shortage of linemen and essential inventory for repairs. Many of the items we need for our grid are manufactured in China. This scarcity raises alarms about the resilience of our power grid in the face of potential drastic incidents.

This firsthand account serves as a validation of concerns raised about the fragility of our power grid. The issues discussed over the past year, from EMPs (Video played on the show) to natural disasters on Ready Radio, are not hyperbole but stark realities. Listen to this Ready Radio episode and be prepared for the next “What-Ifs of Life.” 

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Taking Care of the
“What Ifs” of Life.

“I don’t consider us a quote-unquote “prepper show.” I consider us a show to handle the what-ifs of life. And that could be everything from, yes, a global disaster or a simple bike crash, a car accident, or you fall on the ice. I mean, there’s all sorts of things that come along that create a crisis, and I want to give people a way to prevent those and or handle them when they come along.” – John Rush